Why PayPal Giving $500 Cashback – Testing a New Feature:

PayPal offer limited-time cashback incentives to test a new feature or functionality of their platform. This could be a way to gather user feedback and data on how the feature is received. PayPal running a limited-time promotion to attract new users and encourage existing users to use their platform more frequently. These care generally sign-up bonuses, or specific to certain activities like referring friends or using PayPal.


Complete PayPal Survey to Redeem Coupon

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Reward Activities Announcement:

  • Complete daily Life Survey for Redeem Code.
  • PayPal is running a specific promotion for brand promotion or cashback.
  • We do not store your information in our Database for user Safety Reasons
  • PayPal launch various promotions to attract new users, encourage existing users, or promote specific products or services.