What is the Salary of a Lawyer Per Month in the United States?

Hello friends, Today we will talk about how much a United States lawyer earns every month and year.

Lawyers in the United States make an average salary of $144,230 per year, says the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This translates to a monthly salary of $12,019. Lawyer salaries can vary based on experience, location, and the type of law practiced.

Here is a breakdown of the average lawyer’s salary by experience level:

Less than 1 year of experience$73,000
1-3 years of experience$100,000
4-6 years of experience$126,000
7-9 years of experience$151,000
10+ years of experience$186,000

Lawyers in certain locations are also paid more than the national average. In San Francisco, lawyers make an average of $218,980 per year. In New York City, lawyers make an average of $214,990 per year.

The type of law practiced can also affect a lawyer’s salary. For example, intellectual property lawyers earn more than other types of lawyers.

Here are some of the highest-paid legal specialties:

Intellectual property law$210,760
Tax law$208,000
Securities and corporate law$207,150
Trial lawyers$195,500
Labor law$192,210

To find out how much you can earn, look at surveys and job websites in your area and field. Whether lawyers work in the public or private sector can affect their salaries. It can also depend on whether they are partners in a law firm. Keep in mind that these figures are rough estimates, and individual salaries may vary.

What Determines a Lawyer’s Salary?

Education and Experience matter

Lawyers invest much time and resources in acquiring education and experience. The more seasoned and qualified, the higher the compensation.

Specialization and Niche Influence

Like in any job, focusing on one area can affect how much money you make. A corporate lawyer might earn more than a family law attorney.

Location, Location, Location

Geography plays a pivotal role. Lawyers in big cities generally earn more than those in small towns. The cost of living is a key determinant.

Breaking Down the Figures: A Closer Look at Lawyer Salaries

Entry-Level Earnings

Most new lawyers start their careers with a good salary after finishing law school. The amount they earn is usually based on the prestige of the school they attend.

Mid-Career Milestones

As lawyers gain experience, their earning potential skyrockets. Mid-career lawyers often enjoy a significant increase in their monthly paychecks.

High-Flyers at the Top

Lawyers at top firms and experts in popular fields earn very high salaries each month.

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Legal salaries span a wide spectrum. Public defenders and corporate attorneys specialize in different areas of law. This allows professionals to have more flexibility in their careers.

Public vs. Private Practice

Public-sector lawyers may earn more than their private counterparts. While public servants contribute to societal welfare, private practitioners often reap financial rewards.

The Impact of Demand

In areas with high demand for legal services, salaries tend to be more competitive. Specialized fields may command a premium due to the scarcity of expertise.

Decoding the Perks: Beyond the Basic Salary

Benefits and Bonuses

Lawyers get more than a salary. They also get health benefits, retirement plans, and bonuses. These extra incentives sweeten the deal.

Work-Life Balance: A Precious Commodity

In the legal profession, the concept of work-life balance can be elusive. How does it affect job satisfaction and impact earnings?

Rising Stars: The Path to Partnership

Many lawyers aspire to become partners in law firms. What does this journey entail, and how does it influence monthly earnings?

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Concluding Insights: The Verdict on Lawyer Salaries

In conclusion, lawyers in the United States have a wide range of monthly salaries. Every stage, from new graduates to experienced partners, has its own financial considerations.

Are you considering a career in law? Delve into the intricacies of lawyer salaries to make an informed decision.

How much do lawyers make per month?

The average monthly salary for lawyers in the United States is $8,385. The information comes from ZipRecruiter and covers salaries for lawyers of all kinds.

The range of salaries for lawyers is quite wide, from $3,917 to $11,500 per month. This is due to some factors, including experience, specialty, location, and firm size.

Here is a breakdown of the median monthly salaries for lawyers by experience level:

  • Entry-level lawyers: $6,583
  • Experienced lawyers: $8,583
  • Highly experienced lawyers: $9,825

Here is a breakdown of the median monthly salaries for lawyers by specialty:

  • Corporate lawyers: $10,039
  • Criminal defense lawyers: $8,827
  • Litigation lawyers: $9,132
  • Tax lawyers: $10,790

Here is a breakdown of the median monthly salaries for lawyers by location:

  • California: $10,182
  • New York: $9,792
  • Illinois: $8,782
  • Texas: $8,471
  • D.C.: $10,248

Keep in mind that these are only averages, and lawyers’ salaries can vary a lot based on those factors.

How much money does a lawyer make per month?

The average monthly salary for a lawyer in the US is $8,385.


On average, fresh law graduates can expect to make between $60,000 and $80,000 per year.

Public service lawyers earn less money, but their work is important and satisfying.

Yes, lawyers often receive performance bonuses. Things like successful case outcomes, client satisfaction, and firm profitability are important.

Absolutely. Lawyers in big cities earn more because living costs are higher and more people need legal help.

Lawyers generally experience a steady increase in earnings as they gain experience. Mid-career milestones and achievements can lead to many salary jumps.

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