What is mobile insurance

What is mobile insurance: – Friends, nowadays everyone has a mobile phone, and today mobile is also an asset like bike and car, and the way people get their assets insured like car, bike, house etc. Similarly, nowadays people also get their mobiles insured, hence today’s articleIn this article we will tell you why you should buy mobile insurance, what are the benefits of buying mobile insurance, and how you can buy mobile insurance.
What is mobile insurance?

Friends, mobile insurance is a contact between the insurance company and the client, under which, based on the policy of the contract, if the client’s mobile is damaged or stolen, then the insurance company compensates for the loss of his mobile. There are many companies in India that provide insurance for mobiles. And in return, the client pays some amount to the company every month for its grant.

What are the benefits of taking mobile insurance?

Mobile is also an asset of yours, in the same way if you get damage to your car or bike or have an accident, then the insurance company compensates for the loss of your car and bike. Similarly, mobile is also insured and if there is any kind of damage to your mobile in future, like your screen gets cracked or your mobile gets damaged. The company will bear all its expenses so that you can keep your mobile safe and the company will pay all your expenses.

Types of mobile insurance.

Friends, let us tell you how many types of benefits you get from mobile insurance and how many types of it there are –

Things covered in mobile insurance –

Due to damage to internal parts.
Mobile not working properly.
Hardware malfunction.
Touch screen malfunction.
Display burst.
Your mobile may malfunction because of you.
Theft of mobile phone.
Or your mobile gets lost in the riots.
Friends, based on the bullet points given above, if any of these problems occurs with your mobile, then the insurance company will bear the cost of repairing your mobile.

Disadvantages of not taking mobile insurance.

Nowadays, everyone buys a mobile phone that costs more than the same price as a bike, but many times, if their mobile accidentally breaks or gets damaged, they spend a lot of money in repairing the mobile. It happens or sometimes the mobile is not repaired at all becauseIt gets damaged a lot, so if you want to protect yourself from damage to your mobile, then definitely buy a mobile insurance plan.
How to buy mobile insurance?

You can buy mobile insurance in two ways, first through online website and second through insurance agent. And if you buy a store mobile phone, then you also have a plan to buy mobile insurance along with the mobile and when you buy the phone online, you are also given insurance protection along with the mobile, although you have to choose Should I buy insurance or not? Well, I am giving you the names of some online websites below from where you can buy insurance for your mobile.

Mobile is such an asset that middle class families use it again and again and often they lose a lot of money if the mobile screen gets cracked or the mobile gets damaged. So friends, if you have a very expensive phone then you must buy an insurance plan for your mobile, and friends, if you have any question related to insurance, then please let us know by commenting

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