H.Y Shop

Shopping is an important activity for every person, which is also an important part of our life. All individuals purchase various items depending on the requirements in their life. Many people like shopping and get pleasure while shopping.

H.Y Shop is one such place where the needs of the individual are fulfilled.It can also be said that H.Y Shop is a place where shopping is done to fulfill the needs of the individual. This shop became a place like no other. One experiences great pleasure while shopping in this shop.

Opening of H.Y Shop

The name of this shop is also related to Happy Scheme. HAPPY scheme started with a well thought out plan. This scheme was made for small towns and villages.

Where necessary clothes and other essential items were not available to the people, the objective of this scheme was to provide them as per the requirement.

Later the name of this scheme was changed to H.Y Shop. It means Happy Yojana Shop in simple terms. Since then this shop opened its doors to its customers and there is no other shop like it as it exists today. In which the experience is like shopping in this shop.

H.Y Shop is a business related shop. It is the successful effort of an individual who has transformed or made a simple shopping shop into a successful business through his hard work and belief.

Through this shop, opportunities are open for all people to make easy purchases. With this, everyone can shop easily and all the goods are available as per their requirement.

The best thing about this shop is that it is located even in small towns and villages. Through this shop, the village people have got the facility that they do not need to go to any big city to buy the things they need.