How to earn money with the knowledge of insurance?


Friends, now the times have become such that people can earn money with any skill or knowledge of any profession, whether you know math or speak English and then if you have knowledge about insurance then you can earn money in many ways. In today’s time, you can earn money from. Therefore, in today’s article we will tell you how many ways you can earn money with the knowledge of insurance.

Earn money by becoming an insurance broker.

An insurance broker works as an intermediary between the company and the client, which means that it connects the two. Insurance brokers work on behalf of the client and not on behalf of the insurance company. They help the client choose a good insurance plan but do not do complete sales. An insurance broker earns money from the insurance premium paid by the client.

Earn money by becoming an insurance agent.

An insurance agent works on behalf of the company, the job of an insurance agent is to sell the company’s insurance plan to as many people as possible, an insurance agent also earns money from commission, that is, the more insurance he sells, the more he earns. Will make money, hence more than an insurance agentWell, there is an insurance broker to buy insurance.difference between Insurance Agent vs. Broker:

Earn money by becoming an insurance consultant.

Friends, if you have good knowledge about insurance then you can earn good money by becoming an insurance consultant. An insurance advisor has his own agency where people get information about insurance by calling or visiting personally, for this an insurance advisor charges a small service fee.

Earn money by opening an insurance agency.

Friends, when any insurance agent makes a lot of clients and network and when he has a lot of funds, then many people open their own insurance agency. Apart from the owner, many people work in an insurance agency, it becomes like a small company, where insurance broker, insurance advisor and insurance agent all three work.

Earn money from insurance by creating a YouTube channel.

Friends, many insurance experts have created their own YouTube channel in which they provide information about insurance to the people. In such a situation, many companies get their promotions done through these people, and in return they get paid a good amount of money. Let’s say, they are sponsored by a youtube channelAlong with shipping, we also earn money from Google Adsense.Earn money from insurance by creating a blog.

Friends, you cannot even imagine how much money you can earn in the field of insurance through YouTube channel and blogging. If your English is good and if people of America will see your blog, then you will earn more money than an insurance agent. . Let us tell you that if any field earns the most in blogging then it is in the field of insurance.

Earn money by writing insurance books.

Friends, insurance is a very difficult subject and it is very difficult to explain it in simple words, and often even if books come, they come in English, in such a situation, if you want to tell people about insurance in a simple way in Hindi language. If you can explain then you can earn money by writing a book on insuranceYes.Friends, let us tell you that you can also make and sell e-books. All you have to do is to create a book and upload it on Amazon Kindle.

conclusion :

Friends, these were some of the ways by which you can earn money through insurance, however, I find the best way to earn money through a blog, so I have started this blog on the topic of insurance for all of you

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