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farmer wants a wife 2022 farmers:–In today’s article, we will discuss about the story of farmers of Kisan Chahta Hai Patni 2022. Farmers can be considered an important part of the economic condition of our country. Farmer is the basis of a country because he produces food grains for the country due to which the entire country fulfills its hunger. If there is no Kissing in the country then the entire country will be in a situation of kissing due to shortage of food grains. Therefore, it is very important for the production of grains in the country. But when it comes to the personal life of the farmer, this situation changes. Who is looking for his life partner? So that their life partner is with them to face their happiness, sorrow and difficulties.

There can be no comparison to the lives of the farmers of 2022. He is also trying again to fulfill his dreams in a unique way. The farmer wants a wife The journey of 2022 is a curious journey. Which brings new colors and hopes to these farmers in their lives.

Selection of farmer and his life partner

It is very difficult for a farmer to choose his life partner. Because the life habits of farmers, their work and their thinking are quite different from those of other people. The life partner of a farmer should be such that he comes with him in his happiness and sorrow and stays with his family.

Despite the challenges in 2022, many farmers have participated in the season of Kis Chahte Patni. This Show Me Kiss gets an opportunity that they could never imagine in their dreams – to choose their life partner. As a result, they have to take important decisions in their personal lives.

farmer’s daily routine

The daily routine of a farmer is very difficult but he considers this daily routine an important part of his life. The farmer works in the field the whole day and does that work without getting tired the whole day. And he goes to sleep at night while doing this work. And the result of this work comes after a long time. When his crop is harvested, the results of his hard work come. And from this result the entire country gets food.

Importance of marriage in the life of a farmer

A farmer’s marriage can be an important event for him. The farmer enters a new part of his life after choosing his life partner. That life is a different life. After the marriage of a farmer, a new life begins which is quite different from his normal life. After marriage, her life partner always remains with her in all her sorrows, joys and difficulties.

Summary of the show ‘Kisan Chahta Hai Patni 2022’

Kisan Chahta Hai Patni is a television serial. This serial is related to the marriage of a farmer. In this serial, he helps in arranging someone’s marriage. This serial helps Kiss choose his life partner and gives him an opportunity to reach his goal by meeting different women.

Farmer Wants a Wife: This television serial shows the life span of a farmer from the time he chooses his life partner till the end of her life. Through this the farmer gets ready to choose his life partner. And he is able to see the life ahead of him through Jesus. The show shows Kishan’s happiness after his marriage.

stories of farmers

There are many stories of many farmers in this season of Farmer Wants a Wife. These farmers work in their own fields and their lifestyle is completely different. Here we will see the story of some such farmers. Following is the story of some farmers:-

  1. Rameshwar Kumar :-

Rameshwar Kumar resides in Uttar Pradesh state of India. She does farming work in a small village. He lives with his family in the state of Uttar Pradesh. They are looking for a life partner who can help them in farming work and is always ready to face their joys and sorrows.

  1. Archana Sharma :-

She lives in Himachal Pradesh state of India. She comes from a farmer family. It wants to secure the skills of the farmer and it also wants to become a successful farmer. Therefore, they are looking for a life partner who can do agricultural work with them.

  1. Sunil Yadav :-

Sunil Yadav lives in Bihar state of India, who is also a young farmer. Sunil Yadav Gaud does agriculture. They want to achieve success in an agricultural work by using new technology in their picture. They are also looking for a life partner who can spend their life with them.

In this article we have talked in detail about Kisan Chahta Hai Patni TV serial. In this article, we have learned about farmer marriage, importance of marriage and the life of some farmers who are looking for a life partner. If you liked the information given by us, then follow our website and share this article as much as possible

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